Divine Automotive offer a wide range of vehicle detailing treatments alongside a variety of other services to completely overhaul your car in one location.

From our studio just outside Harrogate we can provide a highly in depth service for you and your vehicle. Complimented by our mobile service we can offer full support all year round anywhere in the UK.

With experience working on both classics, and brand new supercars, we are sure we can assist with any requirements you have.


Wheels are individually subjected to a deep clean using various wheel cleaners and brushes.

We will reach right to the back of the wheel. A tar and iron deposit remover is used to remove any bonded brake dust, as well as hidden contaminants that can draw shine away from the finish.

Wash process

The wash routine is very thorough, and can often take up to 4 hours using our 21 step process.

The Two-Bucket Method complete with grit guards is vital to ensure the car is washed safely.

We use plush drying towels (rather than stiff leather chamois which can lead to obvious marring) to guarantee a safely clean car.


Lots of tiny particles lay on the surface of a cars paintwork - predominantly around the lower half of the car and towards the rear.

This can be caused by a variety of things but most commonly tar and iron filings (usually from brake dust). After the wash process is complete, the lower half of the car is doused in tar remover to help loosen any contaminants. All of this is dealt with by using a selection of chemicals and decontamination clay bars.

Paint correction

Paint correctional services are where Detailing really comes into its own. The process involves removing fine scratches, swirl marks and paint fading.

With use of machine polishers, compounds, polishes and cutting pads, we correct the top layer of lacquer on the cars paintwork, to reveal a fresh and unblemished surface. It can often take 50 - 100 hours to achieve a near perfect finish.

Divine Automotive offer a huge variety of paint correctional services, so please get in touch to discuss the most suitable option for your vehicle.


Paintwork Protection is key to the longevity of a cars finish. As standard, a layer of high carnauba content wax is used.

This not only adds to the finish and depth of the paintwork, but it offers protection against the elements as well as making future cleaning far more efficient. Wax upgrades, Ceramic vehicle coatings and various other protective treatments are available upon request and we will do our best to advise based on your requirements.

Treatments & Services

We offer a large range of treatments and services - from basic window tints and our Posh Wash all the way through to Full Paintwork Correction. As every car is different and the nature of bespoke requirements, the prices shown are a guide only.

Posh wash


Posh wash

We perform a full 21 step exterior wash process, including door shuts, wheel barrel and arches. The interior is given an intensive vacuuming and all plastic surfaces surfaces cleaned.

Afterwards, we dress the tyres, clean all windows and perform a few select finishing touches.

This service should be repeated every month

The whole process will take 2 to 3 hours

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Protection detail


Protection detail

Our Protection Detail is designed to thoroughly clean, decontaminate and protect your vehicles surfaces from the everyday elements that it facees. After the full 21 step wash process, your car is chemically decontaminated before an extensive clay bar session.

The paintwork is then hand cleansed which not only improves gloss and clarity, it also prepares the surface before waxing with a selection of premium carnauba waxes.

We then move onto the finishing touches - the tyres are dressed, wheels sealed and exhausts polished. The interior is of course included as it is with a Posh Wash.

This service should be repeated every 6 months

The whole process will take 5 to 7 hours

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Enhancement detail


Enhancement detail

Our Enhancement Detail is the most popular treatment we offer. It offers all aspects of a 'full' detail.

Much like the Protection Detail, the car is fully washed and decontaminated, before having a paint cleanser/mild polish, applied by machine. This is a longer, and more advanced process than the protection detail, and the results are superior.

The paint cleanser/mild cutting polish contains abrasives, which not only improve the gloss, but will reduce any swirl marks or minor scratches. This is not dedicated paint correction, but the results can be very impressive.

Paintwork is then waxed and all finishing touches done. This treatment is designed to be done on a yearly basis, to keep the car looking its best

This service should be repeated every year

The whole process will take 8 to 10 hours

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Paintwork correction


Paintwork correction

Paint Correctional Services are where Detailing really comes into its own. The process involves removing fine scratches, swirl marks and paint fading.

As with all the other treatments, the vehicle is fully washed and decontaminated, before having any bits of trim removed and taped up to protect the delicate areas.

The first and most important thing to do is analyse the paintwork, and take depth measurements with a specialist paint depth gauge. This will highlight any low/high points in the paint that may show signs of previous repair etc. This gives a good indication of how much lacquer can be safely removed.

Paint correction is carried out using a machine polisher with various pads, compounds, polishes and cloths. With these tools, swirl marks and scratches can be removed by way of removing a very fine layer of lacquer to reveal a fresh, unblemished surface. It can take up to 100 hours to complete a car from start to finish.

This service should be repeated every 24 months, depending on circumstances

The whole process will take 15 to 100+ hours

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Wheels off detail


Wheels off detail

The back of alloy wheels can often go uncleaned for many years and no amount of external wheel brushing will get them entirely clean.

By removing the wheels, and subjecting each wheel to a thorough clean and decontamination followed by plenty of polishing and sealant we will get them looking as good as new, and more importantly, easier to maintain in the future.

The whole process will take 2 to 6 hours

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Wheel refurbishment


Wheel refurbishment

Sometimes, accidents happen and wheels get scratched, scuffed, curbed and corroded*.

We offer a full wheel refurbishment service, This is a tyre off, acid dip, shot blast, re finish in a wide variety of colours, before being refitted the wheel to the car. The cost is only marginally more than a ‘Man in a van’, but in our opinion, a far (far) better quality job.

*For some reason, it's nearly always ‘my wife's fault’

The whole process will take 24 hours

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Window tints


Window tints

Window tints are a simple, and relatively cheap way to enhance your car for cosmetic or security reasons, and more importantly UV glare reduction. Full range of window tint shades are available.

A thin vinyl film is applied to the inside of your windows. Typically, the rear of the vehicle. Our window tint service is a far cheaper option than any dealer could offer factory fitted.

The whole process will take 1 to 6 hours

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Paint protection film


Paint protection film

Cars that get used will sadly pick up the odd stone chip or two. Paint Protection film is a clear, extremely thin piece of vinyl which is laid directly onto the paint surface. It is almost completely invisible.

With the film applied, it will then take the battering of stones and other road debris, rather than the precious paint underneath.

This can be fitted anywhere on the car, but typically the front bumper, front of the bonnet, and the rear arches.

Protection film may need replacing every 2 years or so

The whole process will take 2 to 8 hours

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Our Studio

Divine Detailing has offered a mobile detailing service since 2009. In 2012 we moved into a fully equipped, custom made detailing studio. Three years of experience has helped us to understand exactly what is required of a detailing area, to ensure we achieve the very best finish every time.

With a ramp fitted into the floor the car can be lifted to working height, improving access to the most awkward areas. It also allows us to easily remove all four wheels, getting better access to wheel arches.

Various fixed light sources within the studio means no swirls go unseen. In addition, our handheld SunGuns allows us to thoroughly examine every area of the car.

Divine Detailing continue to offer a mobile service.

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As every vehicle is different and requirements vary, it is difficult to give an accurate quotation, therefore all of our prices are shown as a guideline only. Please get in touch and we will happily discuss a quote tailored to your requirements.

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